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30.09.2012 20:03

Malta…one of the tiniest islands situated at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea cannot but charm its visitors with the breathtaking panoramic views which make this place exceptionally unique and truly appealing to one’s heart. Due to its, undoubtedly, favourable geographic position Malta’s economy has shifted from a military base to tourism over the last thirty years and has gained a reputation of one of the most attractive tourist spots which offers tourists a wide variety of facilities, resorts, both natural and built attractions.

The Climate

Being located at the central part of the Mediterranean Sea leaves an imprint on the overall climate of the island. The boiling and immeasurably dry weather of July which I have never experienced before in my life overwhelmed me in the way that it turned all my understanding of hot summers upside down. Apart from this, during my stay there I haven’t seen a drop of rain which is rather typical of that period of year. It often made me feel that I was accidentally dropped in the middle of the Sahara Desert which is, in fact, not far away from Malta with its sands floating and dirtying the Maltese air. What else is so characteristic about the Maltese weather is a high level of humidity which makes it next to impossible to breathe in freely during a daytime. Only the sunset brings relief when it becomes possible to enjoy the breeze after the oppressive heat.

Yet, despite these heavy weather conditions, the azure Mediterranean Sea with its crystal clear and transparent waters shimmering with different colours (azure, light - blue, blue, green, emerald-green) and sparkling in the sunlight can carry you away filling you with the sense of exhilaration which is obtained while marveling at the beauties of nature. The mixture of rocky and sandy beaches makes the Maltese coastline diverse but nonetheless alluring and captivating. Judging by own experience, I can say that it took me only a few minutes to realize how spellbound I turned out to be when observing the enticing marine scenery.

The People

During my stay in Malta I was lucky to have met and got acquainted with lots of Maltese people who greatly impressed me with their hospitality and genuine interest in my affairs and personality. They are frank, easy-going, open-minded and affectionate people who are always eager to give you a helping hand once you request it. As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t get used to the extremely narrow and curly Maltese streets and often found myself lost. The local people always came to my rescue. Moreover, they easily initiated a conversation so that we could get to know each other immediately and even become friends.

Besides being very sociable and kind-hearted, they are very religious. As the Catholic Church plays an essential part in the social and political life of Malta, it also exerts a considerable impact on the lives of the Maltese. Each town or village celebrates the feasts devoted to the saints. The celebrations are accompanied by colourful processions, streets decorations and fireworks both at day and nighttime.

Another particular feature of Maltese people is their long-standing association with Britain, the British culture and military heritage. You will find numerous fortifications built in strategic positions around the island going back to 1848.Considering the fact that Malta has been part of the British Empire over 164 years you can still feel the British influence in way of shops and trademarks as they are well represented in Malta. You will see Early Learning Centre, Marks and Spencer, Monsoon and other typically British retailers. The English language is the second official language in Malta, after Maltese. You can easily hear Maltese people switch comfortably from Maltese to English which can cause confusion to those who might not be well aware of this fact.

One more point which cannot be lost sight of is learning English in Malta. The island is full of students of various ages coming from all over the world to do courses in English. They have an excellent chance to be taught by native speakers as well as to practice their language and communicative skills with people of different nationalities and make new acquaintances. Not only do students reap benefits from studying the language in Malta but also teachers who are offered internships at Maltese schools get a valuable experience of teaching the language to foreigners.

The places

Valletta. The capital of Malta which was named for Jean Parisot de la Valette, the knight who succeeded in defending the island and the city from an Ottoman invasion, abounds in relics of the past pertaining to every historical event which the city had to endure throughout the history of its existence. In view of fact that the city of Valletta is a treasure trove of ancient architectural masterpieces it has been recognized as World Heritage Centre by UNESCO since 1980. Moreover, Valletta is a candidate city to host European Capital of Culture in 2018. Its remarkable churches, splendid gardens, notably majestic monuments and statues, enormous and magnificent fortified and bastioned walls modelled around the natural site enable you to take a dive into the midst of the events of Valletta’s bygone times. The Grand Harbour of Malta which encloses great fortifications of Valletta opens up stunning marine pictures to viewers as well as gives an insight into the nature of this strategic military base it used to be in the past.

The Three Cities of Malta. Birgu, Bormla and Isla renamed to Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea by the Knights of St John are located on the opposite part of the Grand Harbour from Valletta. A spectacular panorama of the three cities is available from the Upper Barrakka Garden in Valletta with the magic Grand Harbour dividing these truly amazing landmarks. The small three cities are prominent in their having withstood several onslaughts the traces of which can be noticed in every stone of the fortifications built around them. The outstanding courage shown by the residents was the main reason for giving the cities the honorific titles - Citta’ Vittoriosa (the Victorious City), and Senglea -Citta’ Invitta (the Unconquered City), Citta’ Cospicua (the Noteworthy).

Mdina. The old capital of Malta which is a medieval embattled town situated on the hill in the centre of the island with the population of about three hundred people. After the emergence of Valletta, Mdina became to be regarded as a silent religious city with its cathedrals and some of the monasteries famous for their severe and harsh regulations. When you happen to have a walk along the labyrinths of Mdina’s narrow streets fortified by the massive walls depicting a millennial history of the town you can vividly imagine the life of medieval people. The views of the windows, balconies and doors of a minute size built in the walls of the fort embrace you with the feeling that you are a character of a tale of chivalry observing a noble knight on a dignified horse pass by and honour a lady.

Gozo and Comino. These are the small islands which belong to the Maltese archipelago. These sincerely entrancing natural attractions enjoy a great popularity among tourists who don’t miss a chance to go on a ferry trip around these beautiful islands to enjoy really breathtaking scenery. Gozo is second in size to Malta and is a reminiscent of it in many ways concerning the landscape, town structures and dazzling blue waters surrounding the island. However, the pace of life is much slower, it’s much more peaceful and rural. Lying between Gozo and Malta, Comino is noted for its isolation and tranquility with only four residents living there. The place is a distinguished one for the ultramarine and cyan waters of the Blue Lagoon, a picturesque bay with a white sandy seabed which provides the iridescent colours of the sea in the sunlight.

Taking everything into account, I would like to emphasize that Malta is a wondrous place where each visitor discovers and straightly becomes absorbed into the enigmatic character of the island radiated by the irresistibly ravishing bays and their waters, by the buildings and architectural masterpieces which are a poignant portrayal of the history the island is rich in, by the people unique in their gentility, compassion and affection especially towards foreigners. Once you have visited Malta, you will indisputably possess a feeling that you have had a chance to experience paradise on the earth.

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