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Scandinavia - an incredible dream trip
Статьи и Обзоры
30.08.2012 13:25

What is Scandinavia? The land of the midnight sun … The land of the midday gloom …
What comes to your mind when you think of Scandinavia? What countries, what associations are triggered off? These questions, simple and hackneyed as they might seem, appear to be so confusing that I’d better start with making some of the lines of my narration precise and clear.

France at the palm …
Статьи и Обзоры
08.07.2012 09:44

Oh, Paris, Paris! These are the well-known words glorified by so many poets, writers, artists, philosophers and, therefore, evocative of so many emotions, associations, contemplations. What is Paris? It is popular, artistic, trendy, elegant, chic, but most importantly, it is mythical. Historically rooted in so many events, the city is incredibly diverse with its historic districts (la Cité, the districts of the Louvre and Champs Elysées, les Grands Boulevards, le Quartier Latin, le Marais), with its artistic flair in Monmartre, with its modern skyscrapers and business offices in la Défense, with its 16th arrondissement as a home to Paris’ high society. It is history itself, it is art in a variety of its forms, it is the avant-garde against the traditional, classical and monumental. All these trends coalesce into one sprawling and all-embracing world of the city, which is stunningly unique and thus beyond all comparison. And there is a sense of unreality about this world, which, I suppose, is part and parcel of its charm.

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04.06.2012 22:14

The first thing that comes to the mind of a person aged between 30 and 40 is that one of the former Baltic Republics of the former USSR is famous for a hostile attitude to Russians, its Gothic splendor and a popular alcoholic drink – Riga's Black balsam.

Национальный эгоцентризм и карты мира
Статьи и Обзоры
12.10.2011 20:48

Помните в наших школах в кабинете географии висела вот такая карта:

Статьи и Обзоры
09.08.2011 12:47

Once surfing the Internet I ran across a chart of countries defining Russia as an Asian country and Turkey as part of Europe, which made me snort with indignation. But now I start to see why it is so.

My visit to Turkey was just like an escape from everyday routine rather than a holiday a person dreams of most part of his working life. Maybe that's why I didn't expect much and as a result got something to think about.

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